Friday, February 25, 2011

Introducing Margaret

On February 19th I held a doll class at Busy Thimble Quilt Shop in Litchfield, Maine.  Student Beth French chose Gail Wilson's 12 inch Three Dimensional Doll for this class. This doll has a cloth body, painted face and a real wig made of mohair.  Beth has made dolls in the past but never a Gail Wilson doll and never one this small.  In preparation for the class I sent Beth the Gail Wilson kit and requested that she not only read the instructions but also to pre-sew the body.  While at class Beth was able to stuff the doll body, arms and legs; paint her head and face and make her wig.  On Monday, Beth sent me this photo of her finished doll.  She has named her Margaret.  For more pictures of Margaret and Beth's comments on our day together visit her blog Thanks to Cyndi Black of Busy Thimble for allowing us space in her shop for this class.

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