Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morgan's First Sewing Project!

Do you ever dream of teaching your daughter or granddaughter to sew?  To carry on your passion for all things fabric?

Well, my granddaughter, Morgan, just turned 12 and for her birthday I asked her if she would like to learn to sew.  She said yes!


We went to the quilt store and I told her to pick out a pattern--maybe a bag she liked.  So she did and picked out all the funky fabric a 12 year old likes.  The lady at Cottonweeds in Freeport, Maine was
great!  When cutting the fabrics she marked each piece with a label telling her which part of the bag it was for.  When we got home I hand marked all the pieces and Morgan cut them out with scissors.  A week later we spent about 5 hours on Sunday making the bag.  Morgan stitched it all together by herself (machine on slowest speed) with my directions.  The only part I did was to sew the lining into the bag.

Here is a picture of a very proud little girl!  And I am so proud of her.

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